Welcome to my blog..!!

My name is Leonardo and I am now living in Mexico. It has been quite a journey and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. To engage with you my audience and keep you up to date on my progress, setbacks and new adventures here in Mexico.

Coming back to Mexico after 26 years has been quite a journey, even though it was voluntary, It feels anything like it, and especially because of the circumstances surrounding my departure from the United States. The only reason to look back is to understand where I come from, what I’ve learned and most importantly; how I can make the best of my experiences and turn them into a positive experience.

I hope you can join me and experience with me this new phase in my life. I know there are countless of people being removed from the places they call home, we live in a world where migration has reached a new level and with it comes consequences, some of those consequences are for the better and some are for the worst, but whatever your story might be, you are not alone, I am with you and I am now part of your world, part of your struggle, let’s join the fight and move forward in this adventure. I know my experience might seem very minute in regards to some of the struggles other people face, such as being displaced by war, political reasons, and a better life, but nonetheless I understand your struggle.