Self discovery

What would my ideal life look like?

My ideal life at this point or for the long term would like it to be in peace, enjoy this new country, and try to understand the system. I would like it to be where I can have a job in a scenic beautiful place, where I can get a place of my own and in the afternoons walk to a nice cafe, enjoy the sunset, right before heading home and going to bed. I’d like to get a job that would allow me to travel to different places around the country or Internationally. I want to enjoy my life without any toxic or pretentious people around me. I found them hard to please and understand and they mostly just making fun of me. Above all I’d like to find friends with a good heart like Henry, Armando, Gustavo, Chayo, Randy, and Hope. I also want to find a job where I can be able to survive and live a comfortable life, to cover the basic, rent, utilities, Car, Savings and still be able to have some leftover as disposable income. I also want to be able to take care of my medical needs and be able to afford it.

So from now on is all about enjoying life and do what I like to do. I’d like to think the reason why this is all happening to me is because there is a greater purpose for me in this life, from now on I really want to make a difference, I wanna help, feel content with everything that I do.

For the past month since I’ve been back to Mexico I wake up in the mornings with only one thing on my mind “WHAT AM I GOING TO ACCOMPLISH TODAY” I ask myself. I need to find a job and I need to start making money soon. When I wake up in the morning I feel protected because I am with my family finally, but at the same time I loath being here because of the conditions they live in are not optimal for my health. I need to understand that it is only temporary, I also need to understand there is no better place to be, then with their company.

Thank you for reading my blog..!


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