Searching for a Job

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This is going to be a tough year for me… I hope that I am able to make it through … There is only one way to go and that is UP UP UP…

… ok ok.. So I need to come up with ideas… ideas ideas… I can easily get a job at a telemarketing company doing bilingual customer service.. but, I know that being on the telephone for a long period of time is not ideal, after a while it can get tiring and old. Being on the phone for 8 hours a day I think it is stressful, I think I would prefer to be talking to a customer face to face… than being on the phone for 8 hours.
So… with that said… Here are some of the things I believe have hinder my ability to get a job.

-My age: In Mexico age is very important when looking for a job… It can get discriminatory… (that’s my perception) and in my case, it is working against me with the fact that I’ve never had a job here in Mexico, starting from nothing at the age of 40 is not an easy task. Also, the government provides a monthly allowance once you turn a certain age. I believe the allowance is not based on the amount of contributions you made to your retirement, but it has to be based on the government mandated program. This could possibly be the reason why age and employment is very important to the Mexicans… you see, in my case I’m about to enter the workforce at the age of 40, so by the time I turned 63 I’ll be able to get full retiree benefits regardless and that could be very unfair to the people who started working at an early age… it creates discord and opens a loophole to discriminate based on that qualification.

-My Education: So far what I have noticed while looking for a job in Mexico is that education is very important. An unfinished career can only take you so far. I noticed that to work at the front desk of a hotel I need to have a degree in Hospitality, Tourism, or something related to it. The demand is so high on those fields and the English language is required… you’d think i could easily be hired… but wrong, I need to learn the ins and outs of the business and my resume is not helping. I have no experience in the Hotel industry and that is a problem here.. over there in the States is a little more relaxed, you will get hired, you will get trained, and you will succeed, over here in Mexico, you need to hit the ground running.

-My Linguistic abilities: You’d think the English and French will give me an edge, but as it turns out… It has not been that easy… languages are mostly needed in the Travel industry, Hospitality, Telemarketing, Customer Service, that it creates a niche for it. language should give you the freedom to represent Mexico overseas, gives you the opportunity to travel, meet people, and all that glamorous stuff… but no..! you know any other languages … then you go directly to a call center… or the Hospitality industry! very draconian mentality. It is so easy for people to tell me .. I have it easy because I know two languages… but the reality is different.

Logistical Nightmare: As stated on my resume I am currently living in Tamaulipas, but many employers have reservations about hiring from out of State. Nowadays with technology we have Skype, e-mail, and the good old phone. can we just get to the interview process and I’ll move once I know I have a secure job that I can go to..? It’s not as easy as it sounds.


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