Spread my Wings and Fly….

Well… It’s been almost two weeks since my last blog and a lot has happened since then… It is April 12, 2017 and it looks like I am now ready to “Spread my wings and fly..” For the past two weeks I have been actively interviewing, applying for jobs, and I even went as far as traveling to Monterrey Nuevo Leon for a job interview… the name of the company shall remain anonymous, but I must say the offer was vert tempting and extremely favorable because it is close to where my parents live. Although I was hoping the traveling, the interview and all the effort that I put into it would help me make a better decision…. It actually helped me realize that it was not suitable for me to move to Nuevo Leon. It has been an ardous two months and they are finally taking a toll on my mental well being… meaning that I need to start settling down, find a job, and start making money. Last Monday I finally went to get my passport and I’m all set to move to another state… It is not going to be easy, but hope that I am able to handle the pressure. I have accomplished a lot in the last two months and although it does not seem like it… in the near future I will start seeing all the fruits of my labor. So far, I’ve also gotten my traveling permit to Canada, it is called an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization and it is good for 5 years, I’m happy I got able to apply for it and hopefully in the future I get to travel to Canada. It has been rewarding so far to keep on with my vision, but I must tell you it hasn’t been easy. Like most, I have endure hardships and pains, but I am optimistic this will all be in the past really soon and I shall then be able to enjoy life as it should. With that say, I am now in the process of moving to Guadalajara and start a new life. I have been offered two job opportunities that I should really take advantage of and for that I must set sail and embark on this journey called life. It is very important to me to continue on my pursuit for a better life, and fulfilled life where I can finally be happy and enjoy my Country the way it should be enjoyed. I am hopeful the future will be rewarding, I have spoken to my parent and I have their full support. I just don’t want to leave them again.. but this time I will be frequenting them more often. With this news I leave you and I hope the next time I give an update is from Guadalajara…!!!  until then… Keep your head up… always..!!!


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