I got the Job..!

I’m back …! after two weeks…!! I must say it has been a rewarding week… I started my new job on Monday and so far everything is going great…!! I am now on the road to recovery and to assimilate to my new surroundings. The past two weeks have been very busy, and milking every penny, I must say I’m very impressed at how I’ve been managing… Every morning I wake up at 4 am  and start getting ready for my commute to work, the Company is a little bit far… it takes me about 1:30 … but the sacrifice is worth it. It makes me feel productive. The company looks like a great place to work, they have it down to the T on the amenities and benefits to employees, I just wish they had a shuttle that will make it a bit easier to get to work.. Oh well, pretty soon I will be able to reap the benefits and be able to afford maybe a used car. That is my main goal, to get a car.. It gets sometimes too hot to walk on the sun… either get a car or get an umbrella… hahahahah… In the mornings when I commute to work the city looks magical, the buildings, the people, the small businesses opening, the old lady in the corner setting up her make shift fire to start selling her array of homemade food. I love it…Guadalajara is a city with lots of pride and a city that does not pity itself. The people in Guadalajara have a life to it that is contagios… I feel alive just walking through the streets of this magical city, People here non judgmental, the city centro area thrives with people of all walks of life, they seem happy, content, productive, at peace. I want to become that way. I want to be content with little I have, of course that is hard to compare since I literally have nothing left, I’m starting from zero, but that is a great start, starting from zero gives you the opportunity to start fresh and reassess how you want your future life to look like. I want a simple life. I don’t want any luxuries, I want peace, tranquility, stability, and feel accepted. As time passes by I feel a bit more comfortable in my surroundings, I’m giving myself 6 months to be able to make strides and be all assimilated to my new surrounding. I try not to have expectations, cause I don’t want to be disappointed… but how could I be disappointed in this beautiful city… !  Until then.. I will continue my journey with my head up…!!


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