Guadalajara: 3 months and counting…

It’s been three months since I’ve arrived in Guadalajara, I have been very busy with work, life, and trying to make ends meet. So far I have been able to keep it afloat with the help of my dear sister and my dear friend Gus. Don’t know where I would be without them, I am truly indebted with them during these trying times. My adjustment to my new surroundings have been challenging and have affected me at work, I think it was expected and I have been trying to make things work. I am doing my best to keep it together and sometimes it is difficult to just get out of bed. I try to deal with my own depression by doing random and sometimes just plain banal stuff.

My Work progress: At work I have been going through some difficulties such as difficulty concentrating, extreme sadness, and logistical issues. The Company that I work for is not close to where I live, but I have my reservations about moving to a place that is closer to work. The work that I do is repetitive and at times boredom takes the best of me, but I must be thankful for this job, I go to an office, sit at a desk, I am getting great benefits, I am getting acquainted with the Mexican workforce, and on top all this the pay is just perfect for a single person like me. I should really be thankful for this opportunity, If anything, I’m working at a job where I can speak English all day long and that helps me keep in tune with the English language. I am surrounded by young people at work, I must understand and cope with the fact that I was actually away from my Country for (26 years) that is a full generation, that is the generation that I am having to socialize with, the generation I’m having to report to, because believe or not… my supervisors and managers are actually younger than me. That’s a good way to bring you back to reality.

My Living conditions: For one, the place that I am currently living at is the only escape that I have to reality, living in Centro Historico de Guadalajara and especially the house that I am living at right now has helped me cope with my depression, Once I entered this house I feel like I’ve been transported back into time to the 1950’s or the Frida Kahlo era. I love it here. At the moment I am fortunate enough to live among students from different parts of the world and It has helped me to stay social with all of them, we have a respectful friendship and yet it is so much fun to be surrounded by all these students. I have always been inquisitive about other cultures and I think this is the best place to start making connections. Having this much diversity in the house helps me to grow as a person, listening and discussing different point of views is actually helping me understand that Europeans are very, very, in tune with their Mexican knowledge..!! I personally always though that Europeans and Mexican are so much alike in their customs and culture. I am now able to prove it.

Coping with Change: Aside from my life in this shared house I have not made that many friends on the outside of my house, I honestly don’t know how much damage I am doing to myself by staying away from all of Mexican society, but I think for the moment I prefer to watch from afar like a tourist and just enjoy their customs. I have had a really deep sadness due to the sudden change, but I think it is just normal. At the beginning when I first arrived here in Mexico I was of course sad of the traumatic experience that I had gone through, then I started to feel so happy of all the little things that I had accomplish in such a short period of time, but now this deep sadness is different, it is not so much that I miss the United States… It has more to do with the fact that I am starting from zero, it is not easy and to have long term goals feel so far away. So what I have decided to do is to take it one day at a time (not the easies thing to do), try to stay positive (not the easiest either), and  understand that each and everyone of us have our own struggles that we are dealing with (it is not so much about me anymore)

Moving forward and looking forward: Thinking about how far I’ve come I have realize that from this moment on it is all about moving and looking forward, I cherish the memories and the friendships that I came across, but it is time to make this change my new reality, I am out of the water and ready to start walking toward my goals and dreams. In the next three months I will be in a better place and soon I will start traveling across the country, That’s one thing I do want to experience.

Places that I want to visit as soon as I am able to take time off from work: Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City and its World Class Museums (Museo Metropolitano, Casa Azul, Palacio de Bellas Artes, etc..), Tulum, Tenochtitlan, Nayarit (Sayulita), Puerto Vallarta (no soy mucho de playas.. pero..)

Thank you all for reading and hope to stay connected through this medium in the near future.. Have a wonderful life….!!



One thought on “Guadalajara: 3 months and counting…

  1. You write well of your experiences and from the heart. You know I just wish you all the best. Wish you were still back here in the Dallas area. I pray for you constantly for your well being. God has a plan for us all. Stay positive. You know you can reach out to me if you need to.

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